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Jun 23, 2023

11 Best Glow in the Dark Paints for Your Artistic Side

Glow in the dark paints are a funky medium to use, irrespective of whether it’s for artwork, experimentation, makeup, or just plain fun. The best glow in the dark paints are versatile enough to be

Glow in the dark paints are a funky medium to use, irrespective of whether it’s for artwork, experimentation, makeup, or just plain fun. The best glow in the dark paints are versatile enough to be used for serious painting or for making Christmas or Halloween decorations. They are available in a plethora of vibrant and neutral colors and textures ranging from powders to acrylic paints to emulsion paints to spray paints and can also be used for cosplay and parties. You can add a whole new dimension and sensory experience to your artwork with glow in the dark paints.

Depending on how you intend to use these paints you have to keep the glow duration and glow strength in mind. Some paints glow for a few minutes while others can glow for hours together after being exposed to light for a short time. You can make any room or the outdoors look anything from gorgeous to eerie and haunting with these glow in the dark paints. As there is such a range of glow in the dark paints available for your asking, it can be extremely difficult to choose the right paint for your requirements. To remove any confusion that you may have, we have done thorough research on some of the best glow in the dark paints available and we hope this will make your quest a lot simpler.

There’s nothing better to keep your kids occupied during their free time and encourage their creativity than Creativity for Kids Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit. This comes furnished with 10 natural river rocks, three-dimensional glow-in-the-dark paints that are weather-proof, water-resistant fluorescent paints, tracker stickers, paint brushes, and an instruction manual. It will keep them busy for hours together as they paint rocks to amuse themselves and customize them with the glow in the dark paints. It’s the ideal activity for children above the age of 6 years and they can hide their waterproof painted rocks in the garden and enjoy seeing them glow in the dark. Give your children the joy of expressing themselves through this innovative and creative activity with glow in the dark paints for outside.

Get a set of 8 vibrant colors in 20 ml bottles of reflective acrylic paints from Glow Magic By Individuall Glow in the Dark Paint. Great for using both indoors and outdoors, these phosphorescent glow in the dark paints can be used on walls, wood, plastic, canvas, metal, or for decorative painting. These colors glow brilliantly in the dark but also make artwork stand out in daylight. They charge best in sunlight and exude a strong glow that is sure to attract attention. It's a great way to get kids involved in making Halloween or holiday crafts.

Get your creative juices flowing with Spacebeams Glow in the Dark Paint which has a beautiful pink color during the daytime and a funky bright orange glow at night. Extremely safe as it’s both non-toxic and non-flammable, this water-based fluorescent paint comes in a 20 ml bottle. Unbeatable in strength, a single short charge keeps it glowing for hours at end and it can be used on several surfaces like glass, wood, metal, plastic, and fabric. You can create beautiful-looking wall art with this paint which uses premium strontium aluminate pigments in an adhesive and durable acrylic solution.

Magicfly Glow in the Dark Paint offers 10 vivid and extra bright colors in 20 ml bottles. Its luminous and long-lasting glow makes it ideal for all kinds of artwork and holiday celebrations. Its unique formula and strong pigmentation ensure that the colors absorb light from light sources and keep glowing vividly and brilliantly for hours in the dark. And you can really give your creative juices a free run with all the vibrant colors. So whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or other festivities you want to prep for, go ahead with the best glow in the dark paints. These colors come in premium quality bottles that prevent leakage and too much color coming out at a time. Non-toxic and safe to use, it’s ideal for all age groups.

The satiny finish of Rust-Oleum 278733 Glow in The Dark MAX is brilliant and when charged by light this spray paint creates a glowing effect on wood, ceramic, drywall, metal, plastic, and more. This oil-based paint takes 24 hours to dry and provides a vibrant glow for 4 to 8 hours that looks beautiful in the dark. It’s best to use this fluorescent paint on a light surface and expose it to either artificial or natural light every day for primal results. It glows a green color that is twice as much as most other glow in the dark colors.

Zenacolor Outdoor Acrylic Paints is a complete kit with 20 outdoor acrylic paints and 3 different-sized paint brushes. Safe and long-lasting, these fluorescent paints are richly pigmented and don’t fade with time. Their high viscosity gives perfect coverage and allows for amazing effects in your artwork. The paints include 2 glow in the dark paints, 2 metallic paints, and 16 standard paints. This kit can be used for rock painting, wood painting, metal and glass surfaces, as well as on canvas, leather, and plastic. So feel free to unleash your creativity by mixing and matching the 3 effects offered by these 20 paints. They are good for both beginners and experts and also make a wonderful gift.

This green glow pigment of Procart Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder is crafted with premium quality material that adds vibrancy to it and is one of the best glow in the dark paints. The color is intense and has a long-lasting phosphorescent glow. Its glow emits a neutral off-white in daylight with a luminescent glow in the dark that lasts twice as long as many other powders. This powder can be charged an unlimited number of times by an external light source like direct light, black light UV tubes, or black light bulbs. All you have to do is add it to your preferred medium like glue, epoxy, slime, nail polish, etc go berserk with your artistic creativity.

Get every possible color you can imagine with the 66 colors of Shuttle Art 3D Fabric Paint. These pen-shaped tubes of 30 ml of vibrant and blendable paint come along with stencils and brushes. These permanent fabric paints include glow in the dark, neon, glitter, classic and metallic paints that are ideal for both clothing and DIY art. It gives an even and thick coat with an eye-catching and stunning 3D effect and the ergonomic shape of the tubes makes it easy to squeeze out just as much as you need. These easy-to-apply glow in the dark paints work well not only on fabrics but on paper, canvas, ceramic, glass, wood, plastic and more.

Get an array of awesome colors with Glomania Glow in the Dark Paint which comes in the form of pigment powder crystals. These photo-luminescent powders can be mixed with most clear liquid mediums but tend to settle at the bottom as they are structurally heavy. Glomania has its very own acrylic medium formula that keeps the crystals suspended and prevents the paint from caking. They are designed to be a white color in the day and glow a specific color in the dark. Crafted with rare earth elements like strontium illuminate, this long-lasting glow in the dark paint charges well with natural sunlight and also black light and just needs a few minutes to charge. With a shelf life of more than 15 years, it can be used with a variety of mediums like acrylic, resin, and powder coating.

Add a touch of fun and kinkiness to your paint projects with Handy Art Glow in the Dark Acrylic Paint. This water-resistant, clear, and permanent glow in the dark paint dries pretty fast to a rich and durable color. It's high on versatility and whether it's fabric, paper or wood, you can play around with the paints. It's clear in the light but looks milky if you paint on a thick coat. It has to be charged by light before it will glow and then it has a greenish tinge. Some glow pigment can be mixed into this paint as well. This glow in the dark paint uses certified materials and doesn’t contain any other allergens.

Ideal for professional artists, Glow Cubed Glow in the Dark Oil Paint adds brilliant gradients and luminescent colors to portraits, still life, landscapes, and modern and abstract art. It is hand-made by an oil painter and contains a high pigment concentration and refined linseed oil which gives the brightest possible glow. A single charge keeps your artwork glowing for 8 to 12 hours and it can be charged by natural sunlight, indoor lighting, or black light. This paint appears purple in daylight and royal blue at night. This color can be used to mix in other glow in the dark oil paints to create some new, amazing shades that can last between 15 to 20 years.

Many brands offer glowy paints that are at par in terms of quality and variety. As long as you go for one that caters to your requirements in terms of color and surface, you can't possibly go wrong. But there are nevertheless a few common factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the best glow in the dark paints.

So here we come with a few tips that you would probably find very useful while choosing the best glow in the dark paints for your particular requirements.


Glow in the dark paints either come in a liquid or powder form. Powders are convenient as it’s easy to control the amount of glow or as an addition to regular paint if you want a luminous effect. For the sake of convenience, many people often go for liquid paint as it's pre-mixed.

Material Used

Glow in the dark paints are either acrylic or water-based. As acrylic paints are usually thick and are more adhesive they are commonly used on metal, wood, glass, or ceramic. As they are difficult to remove once dry, it’s advisable not to use them on the body. Acrylic colors are a better option if the paint is required for long-term use. Water-based paints, on the other hand, are designed to be used on the face and body, fabrics, craftwork, and furniture. They are also easy to wash off and are preferred if the paint is for short-term use.


These paints are usually available in sets of 20 ml or 40 ml tubes or bottles in myriad colors. If you require a single color, you can go for a larger bottle or a smaller bottle if you need several colors. Do go for a size that caters to how much you are planning to paint and the number of coats it might require.


The choice of colors in glow in the dark paints is kind of limited. Usually, these paints are sold in a set with several colors which can be mixed and matched to create customized colors. The common colors available are neon colors, lime green, and yellow, and also some neutral colors if you don’t want your surface glowing till nighttime. Also if you are very particular about color, do check the product description on the label. This is because some colors like white, orange, and yellow glow more or shine brighter than others. Darker colors like shades of blue need extra charging light and thicker coats to shine brighter.

Lasting Effect

After being exposed to natural sunlight, black light, or UV light, glow in the dark paint can glow for either a few minutes or hours. This depends on the amount of phosphorus in the paint as that’s what gives it the glow. A highly concentrated paint is likely to be heavy on the pocket. Some brands also indicate how much phosphorus is present in the paint which is measured in microns. Unfortunately, a high concentration of phosphorus tends to give the paint a grainy texture.

Ease of Use

Some glow in the dark paints come in a squeeze bottle where it’s convenient to direct the paint where you want with its fine tip. Others come in bottles or tubes with a screw top in which you can dip a paintbrush. You need to be sure about what’s convenient for you.

There is no end to possibilities when it comes to using the best glow in the dark paints, especially when it's sprinkled with a bit of creativity and imagination. Whether it’s serious artwork, dabbling with special effects, or just having fun for the sake of it, these paints can make all the difference. You can change the entire ambiance of a room, make the eeriest or most cheerful decorations for the holidays or add your special touch with special effects that are sure to turn heads. It’s something the funky party crowd can definitely not do without. As a hobby, this spans all age groups and can be a really fun activity whether done alone or as a family. These glow-in-the-dark paints are available in various colors, sizes, and types and we hope our research into them will make the task easier for you to identify what it is that you want and need.

Whether you are prepping up for an upcoming Halloween party or decking up your house for a late-night party, our home decor expert Crystal recommends using glow-in-the-dark paints to stir up a fun vibe! To help you do so, she curated this list of sublime products available in funky colors and easy-to-use formulations. She endorses these products by considering that they are non-toxic, water-resistant, well-emulsified, long-lasting, versatile, and give a vibrant finish.

Our product experts study the specifications of every product we suggest and try them out to bring what’s proven to be worthy of your money, time, and energy. We also have subject matter experts from various fields like Fashion, Skincare, Haircare, Home Decor, and Health & Fitness onboard to make sure our suggestions are credible and trustworthy. You can trust select to be your faithful shopping guide for all the right reasons!

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