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Jul 07, 2023

Breath Of The Wild: Where To Find Luminous Stones

Luminous stones can be found in ore deposits around Hyrule and are needed for several quests and armor sets. Among the many materials and gems available in Breath Of The Wild is the Luminous Stone, a

Luminous stones can be found in ore deposits around Hyrule and are needed for several quests and armor sets.

Among the many materials and gems available in Breath Of The Wild is the Luminous Stone, a relatively rare gem with a distinct teal glow. The game signals the player to the locations of various Luminous Stone Deposits, but there are far more than explicitly mentioned. This guide does not include every single Luminous Stone Deposit but signposts the most abundant locations for Luminous Stone farming.

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This mysterious mineral gives off a pale blue glow in the dark, which some believe to be souls of the dead. Apparently, this stone can be used as a base to make special clothing.

Luminous Stones in Breath Of The Wild are a type of gem that can be found in Luminous Stone deposits across Hyrule, made distinct by their glow-in-the-dark teal color. They can be found in the 'materials' tab of the inventory and sold for 70 rupees apiece - though they're worth holding on to until the player has exhausted all of the below uses.

As well as being a lucrative rupee farming opportunity, Luminous Stones are needed for some optional customization and side quests.

Radiant Armor is an incredibly rare set of armor that can be found in the Gerudo Secret Club, which only be accessed by eavesdropping on a group of Gerudo women at The Noble Canteen. Once Link has access, he can purchase a set of Radiant Armor by trading Luminous Stones and rupees:



Radiant Mask

Radiant Shirt

Radiant Tights

When worn at the same time, the Radiant Set grants the "Disguise" Set Bonus against Stalkoblins, Stalmoblins, and Stalizalfos. It also increases the attack of Bone Weapons. To upgrade the set to its full power, Link needs 130 Luminous Stones, 9 Bokoblin Guts, 9 Moblin Guts, 6 Molduga Guts, and 3 Lynel Guts in total.

Ledo is a Zora that can be found working on a bridge directly opposite the Ne'ez Yohma Shrine, a shrine at the heart of Zora's Domain. He requests that Link bring him ten Luminous Stones for his work repairing the bridge in the wake of Divine Beast Vah Ruta. In exchange for ten Luminous Stones, the player will receive one diamond.

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After the quest is complete, the player can return to Ledo as many times and exchange ten Luminous Stones for one diamond. It's worth noting that this should not be done as an attempt to gain profit, as diamonds are worth 500 rupees and ten Luminous Stones are worth 700 rupees.

It can be useful, however, for replacing Revali's Great Eagle Bow, Urbosa's Scimitar of the Seven, Daruk's Boulder Breaker, and Mipha's Lightscale Trident, which all require a diamond to craft after they've been obtained.

Additionally, Luminous Stones can be used to dye clothes navy at the Kochi Dye Shop, located in Hateno Village. The dyeing process dyes all the clothes Link is wearing for a set price of 20 rupees and five items of the chosen color. Luminous Stones can be used in combination with Bladed Rhino Beetles to change any clothing Link is wearing to navy.

One of the most efficient ways to source Luminous Stones and Luminous Stone Deposits is to use the Sheikah Slate sensor, which is repaired early on in the story by Symin at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. As long as the Luminous Stone Deposit is registered (by taking a picture with the camera rune), players can set the sensor (entry 385) to determine the locations of each deposit.

The Luminous Stones in Zora's Domain can be found near where Vah Ruta rests. They are most visible at night, and can be seen by paragliding north-west towards the rock formation at night.

Possibly the most lucrative source of Luminous Stones, the outcrop along Dracozu River is rife with Luminous Stone Deposits. The player can access this long row of Luminous Stone Deposits by teleporting to Faron Tower, and paragliding north until they reach Dracozu River Valley.

At the very north-east of the map, a group of Luminous Stones can be found on the shores of the North Akkala Beach. By teleporting to the Ancient Akkala Tech Lab and jumping/paragliding off the cliff just behind the lab, the player will see a line of deposits just waiting to be mined.

Far north of Hyrule Castle, along the very top of Hyrule Ridge, is a great source of Luminous Stones. They are directly accessible by walking north from the Monya Toma Shrine, and can be seen from the shrine's entrance.

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Death Mountain is home to an abundance of deposits, being a mining town. There are several Luminous Stone Deposits along Death Mountain, so players should set their Sheikah Slate sensor to ensure no deposits are missed.

The two shrines on either side of the Yiga Clan Hideout (Sho Dantu and Kuh Takkah) are surrounded by Luminous Stone Deposits that are hard to miss even in the daytime.

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