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Aug 15, 2023

Top 15 Minecraft House Designs and Ideas

These are the Top 15 best Minecraft house designs and ideas we've found. Building the perfect Minecraft house is never easy. With so many creative options packed into the game, it’s easy for your

These are the Top 15 best Minecraft house designs and ideas we've found.

Building the perfect Minecraft house is never easy. With so many creative options packed into the game, it’s easy for your imagination to run wild. You can stretch that freedom even more by using mods to further personalize your seed and homes. In that case, you may be wondering about the Top 15 best Minecraft house designs and ideas to kickstart the building process.

This Minecraft house design made by Folli on YouTube is a staple. If you’re starting out in a seed, your first house will be made with dirt, cobblestone, or wood. As the game goes on, you’ll add more to your home as your needs for storage and more grow. Wood comes in many shapes and sizes in Minecraft, which gives you a lot of options when adding new pieces to your home. Trees are plentiful, so there’s never a shortage of lumber to expand your house.

This Tree House is similar to the wooden house that uses the very same trees to suspend it. 6tenstudio made this masterpiece with an elevator. I’ve only made this once, but it’s impressive if you take the time to do it. You can make bridges between trees and really show off as your house expands from one tree top to another. On top of that, it’s safer from ground enemies at night.

Who doesn’t want to have their own mansion? With BigTonyMC’s build, you can build the chateau of your dreams with as many rooms as you want and more. Here, BigTonyMC pushes the boundaries of basic materials like wood and stone. In true Minecraft mansion style, you can also add a courtyard with a pool to have a place to relax and host your friends. Though Minecraft home ideas almost always include mansions, this one is really great.

HALNY has a really interesting MC home idea here, one that we don’t see very often. The apartment can be a major base for all your friends and is fun to have when sharing a realm. Though you may not be neighbors in real life, you can make that happen in-game (or perhaps you are neighbors and just want to roleplay!). Add an elevator shaft filled with jelly at the bottom to go from floor to floor and survive the fall. You can further expand on this by adding a stairwell, eateries, and a front desk at the base to make a big-city tower true to life.

This cabin is another twist on the classic wooden house. Here, it’s been built in a cold tundra biome, but the design can fit any other biome you choose. To make this house really stand out, surround it with light sources to give a comforting glow. You can add a chimney with cobblestone and a campfire to add even more comfort. This design can come with a deck on the outside, too, giving it a more rustic look. If you’re looking for more guidance on this build, check out MegRae’s example above.

We’ve seen the new structures in the desert that came with the Archaeologist update. Instead of heading in and taking the goods, you can use them as a template to start your home as well! Build off of the temple itself to make a cozy home with furnishings. You can even add a farm, too, if you bring dirt, a bucket of water, and any seeds you want to plant. You can see a great example by Folli above.

Here, we have a Minecraft home design that takes a lot from real-life temples and shrines in Japanese architecture. This comes with buildings that have plenty of large windows to bring in as much natural light as possible. On top of that, you can even mimic the arches with oak to push the traditional look further. Add some cherry blossoms and a sand garden to finish it off. Take a look at Folli’s take on this idea above.

Moving on, we have a pleasant Minecraft home design inside caves made by Bluebits. As horrifying as Minecraft caves are they can still be a place to live comfortably. What’s more, all the resources you need are right at your doorstep. This design can be built near lava to provide a natural light source that is mesmerizing to watch. Some have even let the flow of lava fall into their homes as if it were a waterfall, by creating a pit at the base to make sure the lava doesn’t spread. This is really a showoff home because most wouldn’t build so deep underground but, it is more practical than you’d initially think.

If building in caves isn’t your style, then you can build on the side of a mountain instead, as seen by this JUNS MAB Architecture Tutorial. This design is built using a mountain as the base structure. The inside is dark and filled with warm light sources and a case of stairs leading from the bottom floor. Add a deck that protrudes from the mountainside that you can use to look at the scenery from the safety of your abode.

Who wouldn’t want to come back to an awesome medieval castle after a day of adventures? Bigger is better when it comes to this build. This is an awesome design by Trixyblox that’s based on Arendelle Castle from Frozen. It has large stone structures with long hallways filled with elegant rugs. It also has big windows to let in natural sunlight and even comes with a mote that surrounds the property. You can personalize this fortress with many of the various ways you can use stone blocks, so creativity is peaked here.

Moving into this Minecraft house idea is only possible after taking care of the traps that litter a temple, like AdultOnlyMinecraft did in the video here. After getting rid of those, you can use the temple as a template for your residence. The mossy green stone walls add some age, but it all comes to life with a bit of light. Expand on the temple itself by adding an easy route to avoid the traps and reactivate them. This is a great base for keeping your treasures safe in realms. Anyone trying to get into your place will have to face the traps you’ve reactivated.

Not exactly in the depths of the caves, but still underground, we have Folli’s Underground Den. On the surface, this house doesn’t look like much besides a glass top with four entrances at each edge. You get down by descending the nearby stairs, and as you go further down, you see the ground open up to a beautiful wooden den. This Minecraft house idea can be made with a kitchen and library with glow stone blocks tapped high into the corners. The wood has a nice, comforting brown glow from the lights above and makes the nook underground look richer. It’s worth the effort to build this one, even though it takes time to dig and build.

If being underground isn’t enough, how about building something underwater? Folli has made something for this, as well. It’s another Minecraft house design that can take a long time to perfect due to the interesting properties of water. Still, the finished product is worth it. This design can be made in many ways, as long as it’s underwater. Using glass and torches can make your base glow in the deep water. You can build your home underground and connect it to the sea for a massive aquarium, too.

A perfect home made of glass made by NeoCubist. This features a lot of glass which can easily be made by putting sand in a furnace. The whole surroundings are nothing but glass but the inside is filled with all the normal things in a Minecraft house. You can expand this by adding more floors and rooms and more as long as you keep the glass as the main ingredient. Where this build really shines is at night. Because the main structure is glass, the lanterns inside make the home shine like a beacon at night. It really is spectacular to see.

Lastly, we have Zaypixels’ beach house, found at the edge of the seas on a bed of sand. This is a nice wood house that uses birchwood to add that bit of extra glow when seen in the sunlight. It can have a deck that is built out over the water with a boat at the end. Of course, you can add a bit of vines and flowers to add more to the colorful, jubilant vibe that the idea of the beach brings. If you’re a beach lover, this is the home for you.

Those are the Top 15 best Minecraft house designs and ideas we recommend building. Use these designs to get an idea of things you can create in MC and see what boundaries you can push.

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