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Aug 10, 2023

7 Creative Activities To Do In Melbourne

These classes and workshops are a great way to unlock your creativity, meet new people and just have fun! Monro Grier - Staff Writer • August 3, 2023 Spending time doing a creative activity has so

These classes and workshops are a great way to unlock your creativity, meet new people and just have fun!

Monro Grier - Staff Writer • August 3, 2023

Spending time doing a creative activity has so many benefits, whether the outcome of the creation is good or not! The act of creating is a great way to destress, have fun, connect with people, and also tap into the parts of your brain that might stay dormant most of the time. If you’re looking for some fun one-day workshops, that you can do with friends or solo, then just keep reading!

The Fluid Project is now open at Emporium and invites you to enjoy an art workshop. Drip paint and glitter over adorable teddy bears and watch as the colours create something beautiful. You can use models like bears, dogs, bunnies, unicorns and more. Or, you can add on something like a keychain or an everlasting mini bouquet. For a more classic art experience, there are different-sized canvases available too.

Forget your preconceived ideas about painting, and try something totally new at this paint-and-sip masterclass in the dark opening on August 9! You will be painting using neon colours in a room lit only by UV lights. As music plays in the background, and your eyes adjust to the dim light around you, prepare to create something incredible!

If you’ve always wanted to try sewing but have no idea where to begin then this is the perfect place to start. This course will cover everything you need to know to get you on your way. You will learn sewing terminology, how to thread a sewing machine, how to shop for fabric, and much more. After the class, you will even walk out with your very own simple tote bag!

If pottery making is always something you’ve wanted to try, then this workshop is for you. In this hands-on class, you will learn how to create your own pottery using a wheel thrower. Your skilled instructor, will guide you through the basics of wheel throwing and help you create pieces you can feel proud of!

Join the experts at Art Masterclass and discover the techniques needed to decorate a mosaic lamp. You will be using a variety of coloured tiles and will be shown how to design breathtaking Islamic geometric patterns and lay them down. Once your masterpiece is finished, you’ll receive all the necessary materials and instructions to complete the final stage and grout or plaster your lamp at home.

Create your very own customised silver ring in this jewellery-making class. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked with metals before, the workshop is perfect for beginners and those wanting to try out silversmithing. You will learn how to make a ring and have the chance to engrave it with a personalised message. Your teacher will help you every step of the way as you learn about the tools, design, handling, soldering, and polishing.

Learn from a professional latte artist how to “free pour”, and turn all your future coffees into artistic masterpieces. The course teaches you essential procedures for steaming milk to create the perfect texture for latte art and discusses the art of crema to highlight the design. It also covers equipment hygiene and correct equipment handling to ensure that the details of your design last as long as possible to give you time for that well-deserved Instagram pic!


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