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Jun 29, 2023

Exit Signs of All Kinds For Your Business

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Just as you want people to know where to enter your business, you’ll also need to let them know where

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

Just as you want people to know where to enter your business, you’ll also need to let them know where to exit it! This isn’t just a matter of common sense – there are safety requirements and other regulations that require exits to be clearly marked with exit signs. Furthermore, you’ll need signs to mark places that are not an exit to prevent customers from entering areas they shouldn’t and notate exits that are for emergencies only.

Fortunately, Amazon has all your exit sign needs covered. Check out our picks for the best exit signs available. We have different kinds of exit signs – LED exit signs, Not An Exit Signs, exit signs with Braille, and more.

Before you begin shopping for the right exit signs for your business, let’s take a look at the different types that are available:

Types of Exit Signs

Without further ado, here is our list of the best exit signs we found on Amazon. All different types of exit signs are represented – in different sizes and colors, with different wording, and different mounting options. We were certain to check reviews and product information to make sure the best exit signs are represented. Take a look at our top 25 picks below.

If you have a lot of doorways, this pack of 6 lighted exit signs has you covered. Even if you don’t, it’s not a bad idea to have backup exit signs just in case. These signs by Sunco Lighting are double-sided and feature 2 adjustable LED flood lights. The lights also have a battery backup in case of a power outage, and they are visible from up to 100 ft away.

Sunco Lighting Lighted Exit Signs for Business with Battery Backup

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You can change the color from red to green on these exit signs. They have lights that flash to make them highly visible in case of an emergency, and they have 3 mounting options. Other features include 90 minutes of backup lighting in a power outage, flame retardant material, and high impact resistance. Best of all, you get two.

LEDIARY Color Changeable Exit Sign with Emergency Lights

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This is a large, black Exit sign with large flashing emergency lights. It offers a strong body, long life, and maintenance-free Nickel Cadmium Battery with an internal solid-state transfer switch that automatically connects the battery to the LED board and lamp heads for 90 minutes of illumination.

Ciata Emergency LED Exit Sign Combo

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NightBright USA makes these frameless, photoluminescent 50′” green exit signs with 2 removable arrows. They are made from durable yet lightweight aluminum and require no batteries or wires to operate. These green exit signs are meant for door mounting.

NightBright USA Photoluminescent Green Exit Sign

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This sign features Emergency Exit Only written in letters and in Braille, making it ADA-compliant. It is 9″ x 6″ and comes in black, blue, white, and silver. Foam mounting tape is included.

Emergency Exit Only Sign with Braille

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These green exit signs have a slim profile, making them both modern and efficient. They are hardwired LED exit signs with unique 300° adjustable lamp heads, 90 minutes of battery backup, and a 24-hour battery charge time.

LFI Lights – Thin LED Combo Exit Sign

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Amazon Commercial’s LED Exit sign features lettering on both sides in a fire retardant, injection-molded, thermoplastic ABS housing. It is wall, ceiling, and end mountable. It’s 11.8″L x 1.8″W.

Amazon Commercial LED Exit Sign

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If you have several exits you need to mark, this pack of LED green exit signs is a great value. You get 4 signs, and each can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, or hanging from the side. With built-in 3.6V 500mAh rechargeable batteries, these exit signs can provide you with 90mins of emergency lighting after a power outage.

LEONLITE Green LED Edge Lit Exit Signs

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You get a pack of 3 easy to mount No Exit Signs made from sturdy, lightweight plastic. They are black with white lettering, making them also very easy to read. They’re useable in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Excello Global Products No Exit Sign

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This is your basic sign, but it’s one that certainly does its job. It’s made from durable plastic, is 7″ x 10″ in size, and is white with red lettering. The sign will mount to walls, doors, fence posts, and just about anywhere.

SmartSign “Not An Exit” Sign

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This pack of 4 exit signs with emergency lights complies with FCC regulations and has a UL 94V-0 flame rating. They have multiple mounting options and can be used in a variety of businesses.

EXITLUX 4 Pack Exit Sign with Emergency Lights

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SmartSign’s glow-in-the-dark exit sign is made from 9mil thick vinyl and GloBrite safety-grade flexible photoluminescent film. It also has a right-facing arrow indicating where the exit is. This brand also sells exit signs with arrows facing other directions.

SmartSign Glow-in-the-Dark Laminated Vinyl Exit

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This 14″x10″ vinyl sign reads “Not an Exit” in both English and Spanish. It has a peel-and-stick design and a moisture-resistant 4-mil thick printed matte surface. The sign is white with a red print.

Accuform “NOT an EXIT/NO ES Salida” Adhesive Vinyl Sign

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This is a 2-pack of 10″x7″ self-adhesive Emergency Exit Only signs. It also lets customers know that an emergency alarm will sound if doors are opened, which is hugely important if you have alarm-equipped doors in your business.

Sigo Signs Emergency Exit Only Signs

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This Not an Exit sign has raised letters and is also printed in Braille. It’s made from aluminum, mounts to almost any surface with adhesive tape, and comes in several colors.

Not An Exit ADA Compliant Sign

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At 7″x10″, this aluminum Photoluminescent Not An Exit sign is easy to read. In addition to its bright red color and bright white lettering, it features a graphic indicating “Not An Exit.”

NightBright USA Not An Exit Sign

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This 18” x 12” large sign lets folks know that this is an exit only, and do not enter. The sign is made out of .040 rust-free heavy-duty aluminum and is reflective for easy visibility.

Large Exit Only Do Not Enter Sign

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You get two 9″x3″ red Exit Signs with right-facing arrows from Global Equipment. They are meant to be mounted to doors and come with self-adhesive strips to make mounting easy.

Global Equipment Exit Signs with Right Arrow

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This photoluminescent sign doesn’t need any wires or batteries to work. Instead, this 12 x 7″ sign glows in the dark and is visible from up to 50 feet away. It absorbs sunlight or ambient light so it never runs out of juice. It can be easily mounted to just about any surface with screws.

Emergency Exit Only Photoluminescent Sign

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These indoor exit signs have strong adhesive stickers to keep them mounted. You receive 2 signs – both red with white lettering, and each featuring a left or right-facing arrow. Each sign is 9″x3″ and is highly visible and easy to read. It has an NMC Sign Muscle coating to protect the text against fading, scratches, scuffing, and moisture.

2 Pack Exit Left and Right Arrow Sticker Set

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Red lettering on a white background makes this sign noticeable and easy to read. It’s made from vinyl with adhesive strips for mounting

NMC Emergency Exit Only Sign

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This pack of 2 green Not An Exit stickers are 10″x7″ each. They are made with high-performance grade vinyl and printed with long-lasting ink with an added UV glossy protective overlaminate to create a waterproof, weatherproof, scratch and UV-resistant surface.

iSYFIX Green Not an Exit Stickers

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SmartSign’s Emergency Exit Only sign also warns people that the “Security Alarm Will Sound if Door is Opened” in both English and Spanish. The sign is 10″ x 14″ with red and black lettering on a white background. They have pre-punched and pre-cleared mounting holes for easy installation.

SmartSign “Emergency Exit Only” Bilingual Sign

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Last but definitely not least is this LED exit sign. It has multiple mounting options available: ceiling mounting, backside mounting, and an extra face plate included for optional double-sided use. It also has dual adjustable LED lights for emergency use as well as battery backup.

Lit Path LED Combo Emergency Exit Sign

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Once you’ve determined what kind of exit signs you’ll need, there are some other things to consider before making your purchase:


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